Hey there, Travel Enthusiasts!

I'm Myriam, Hap & Go underpins my passion for authentic and extraordinary travel experiences. 

The term 'Hap' translates to 'step' in Albanian- painting a vivid image of a bridge that reconciles the familiar with the unique. As your trusted travel partner, I am dedicated to guiding you along this aesthetic bridge, venturing together into unforgettable journeys. 

I understand – booking travel can be a maze of uncertainties. That's where Hap & Go steps in, not just as a service but as a solution to your pain points. 

Your time is precious, and planning trips can be overwhelming. My mission is to take the weight off your shoulders, making the process not just smooth but exhilarating.

Ever felt lost in a sea of options, unsure about which destination truly aligns with your desires? That's where I come in, I'm here to understand your unique needs and curate journeys that reflect your dreams.

Let's replace those booking headaches with the joy of anticipation. Your travel experience should begin with excitement, not stress.

Ready to embark on a worry-free journey?

Let's Hap & Go!


Navigating travel challenges, such as overwhelming choices and time-consuming planning, becomes more manageable with personalized expertise.

Through our conversations, the focus shifts to understanding your unique travel concerns and dreams. This enables the tailoring of vacations specifically for you, exceeding your expectations. The aim is to alleviate the weight of meticulous planning ensuring a seamless journey for you.

So, if the complexities of travel have been a hurdle, let's turn them into stepping stones for your next adventure.